Jack Osbourne’s wife Lisa shares “giant baby bump” pic

After the heartbreak of her late miscarriage in 2013, Lisa is now feeling happy to post pregnancy photos


She only announced she was expecting for a second time a couple of weeks ago, but Jack Osbourne’s wife Lisa is already sporting what she considers a considerable-sized bump!


Posing for a cute bathroom-selfie (check out Jack hogging the vanity mirror in the background!) Lisa uploaded the pic to Instagram and commented:  “Giant baby bump appeared overnight. It’s only getting bigger from here on out.”

Lisa took the photo on her 28th birthday, when she went out for dinner with Jack and his mum and dad, Sharon and Ozzy. She also Instagrammed a photo of the food she ate, explaining that the pregnancy was affecting her diet…


“I never order steak because I don’t usually like it, but the baby wants protein & iron….I think it’s making me crave red meat! It was delish” she commented. 

One of her friends then added, “Total boy thing. That’s all that I wanted with my son.” We’ll wait on that one to see whether the meaty prediction is right. 

The pair have not yet revealed exactly when they are expecting a brother or sister for their almost-3-year-old daughter Pearl Clementine, but Lisa has revealed on her blog that they are “more than halfway through”.

The devoted couple went through the heartbreak of losing a son in a late term miscarriage in September 2013. When revealing their happy news this time round, the couple said they were “very excited” at the prospect of becoming parents again.


Pregnancy obviously really suits Lisa. She’s looking radiant – just look at this photo of the glam couple dressed up and ready to party at the Oscars just a couple of weeks ago.  

And it’s fair to say that her bump has grown in the last 2 weeks. But assuming she’s now around 5 months along, we don’t reckon her newly ‘popped out’ bump is that giant – it’s looking lovely and neat and in proportion to us! What do you think? How does yours compare?! 

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Pic credits: MrsLisaO/Instagram

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