Jacqueline Jossa shares post-pregnancy hair loss selfie

The EastEnders actress encourages other mums to 'embrace' hair loss


When Jacqueline Jossa was pregnant with her first child, her flowing mane was thicker than ever. The mum-of-1 posted the selfie on the left – displaying thick hair – just a week before she gave birth to her daughter Ella on 15 February. But now baby Ella is 4 months old and Jacqueline’s hair is starting to thin out.


Posting the selfie on the right, the EastEnders actress revealed her brunette hair is starting to fall out post-birth.

“For all the new baby mummy’s that might be losing some hair after birth, I’m right here with you, I think it’s starting to slowly grow back, so it’s all good guys!! Embrace it, and let’s enjoy being with our beautiful little cuties!! ❤️,,” Jacqueline commented.


Her selfie and honest comments got an overwhelming response from other mums who wanted to share their own pregnancy hair stories. “I thought I was the only one! It’s terrible just constantly seeing hair everywhere and my baby girl thinks it’s funny to pull my hair now too!” one Instagram user commented.

“I lost so much hair when my baby was around 4/5 months I went to the doctor! Don’t worry everyone it grows back, my baby is 14 months now and I have about 3 inches of growth in the areas I lost it,” another added.

Did you lose hair after giving birth to your baby? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Instagram / Jacqueline Jossa

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