Jacqueline Jossa takes pre-labour walk as EastEnders pregnancy plot twist revealed

Oooh, soap is imitating real life! Now Lauren Branning's pregnant on EastEnders…


Well, we had wondered how EastEnders would cope with Jacqueline Jossa’s pregnancy, and now they’ve revealed that her character Lauren Branning is pregnant, too! OK, so Jacqueline’s (real) baby bump is way ahead of Lauren’s (fictional) one, but still, we love that art – well, soap – is imitating life.


Last night saw probably the biggest DUN, DUN, DUNNNN moment in EastEnders in ages as Stacey read ‘Pregnant’ on Lauren’s pregnancy test. But who’s the father? Is it Lauren’s off-on fiancé Peter Beale or is it Dean, the man she slept with before getting back with Peter? And if it is Peter and Peter turns out to be Lucy’s killer (keep up!), Lauren could be having a murderer’s baby?! Too. Much. Drama.


Anyway, back in the real world where Jacqueline Jossa is properly almost-due pregnant, and she clearly can’t wait to meet her baby: boyfriend Dan Osborne has even been dragging her out in her onesie for late-night brisk walks to try to get things moving.

“Last night’s onesie walk – lol,” Dan commented on a selfie of the pair of them in their onesies. We have to say: Jac looks a little less than keen to be snapped in that get-up! 

What did you do to get things moving when you were 9 months pregnant? Let us know in the comments below…

Photos: Instagram / Dan Osborne and Twitter / Jacqueline Jossa

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