Jamelia sparks Twitter row over breastfeeding in public

The singer told breastfeeding mums to cover up but was reminded of her nipple-baring past


Jamelia has been slammed by Loose Women viewers for her comments on breastfeeding in public. The popstar appeared on the ITV show to discuss her views after the Primark breastfeeding row that saw support group Free To Feed close down yesterday.


The mum-of-2 said she was a “huge advocate” of breastfeeding but said it should be done “discreetly” in public.

“I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding,” she said on the show. “I breastfed both of my daughters up until they were 18 months but I would do it discreetly and you wouldn’t know.

“One of the things I disagree with is these breastfeeding vigilantes who do that whole thing of, ‘I don’t care and I don’t care who feels uncomfortable.’ I do think that’s quite inconsiderate.”

Soon after the 34-year-old’s comments were aired, Twitter exploded with pictures of Jamelia wearing revealing tops to reveal her breasts and nipples. “This @loosewomen guest thinks breastfeeding mums should cover up in public! We’ll use a cover when you do @Jamelia,” one viewer tweeted. “Breastfeeders should cover up while feeding as to not offend? Really? Where’s your cover here?” another added.

Others accused the singer of demonising breastfeeding. “Maybe if we stopped sexualising women & using words like “exposed” (Jamelia) we wouldn’t be having the breast feeding debate,” one tweeted. ” I’m so disappointed. You’re a role model. You could have made breastfeeding more normal but instead you’ve demonised it further,” another added.

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