James Corden admits he has the baby blues

First-time dad is having sleepless nights following the birth of his son, Max


Actor James Corden has been surprisingly open about the stresses of being a new parent.


Instead of speaking dearly about his newborn baby son, James Corden has admitted that it is “nothing but annoying”.

“Let’s be honest. I’m fed up of these guys who go, ‘Aww! The minute I held it in my arms, I just knew I’d jump in front of a bus for it’. No you didn’t. A parked bus maybe. For a while it’s nothing but annoying and then slowly and surely in around three months when you get a smile you go, ‘Aww, actually you’re all right’,” said James to Danny Wallace, the presenter of XFM Breakfast Show.

James and his fiancee Julia Carey welcomed baby Max in March this year.

However, the Gavin and Stacey star was positive about Julia’s parenting skills. “My girlfriend, or should I say fiancee, is a wonderful mum – the best person I could have chosen to have had a child with – she is amazing.”

We think James probably needs a good night’s sleep – but with a young baby in the house that may be a while…

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