James Corden reveals unusual name for second baby

Newborn daughter named after his wife Julia’s maiden name


James Corden and his wife Julia are celebrating the birth of their first daughter this week. Julia gave birth on Monday and the couple have named their baby girl Carey, which is Julia’s maiden name.


So are the sleepless nights might be taking their toll on the Gavin and Stacey star? James had certainly joked about how he struggled with parenthood after the birth of his 3-year-old son Max.

“For a while it’s nothing but annoying and then slowly and surely in around 3 months when you get a smile you go, ‘Aww, actually you’re alright,’” he joked to XFM. “Let’s be honest – I’m fed up of those guys who go, ‘Aww! The minute I held it in my arms, I knew I’d jump in front of a bus for it.’ No, you didn’t. A parked bus maybe.”

What do you think of the name Carey? And what would your baby be called if you gave them your maiden name as a first name?

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