James Corden’s middle name curse to be passed on to newborn?

Gavin and Stacey star worried that passing on his middle name 'Kimberly' to his son will make him target for bullies

Following the recent birth of Gavin and Stacey actor James Corden‘s baby boy, James and fiancée Julia Carey are in a pickle about what middle name to choose.


It’s emerged that James’ family have a tradition to pass down a particular middle name to their sons. However, the only thing is, this middle name is Kimberly and the actor is worried his son will be bullied because of the ‘girly’ sounding moniker.

“Every man in my family has it – it’s a tradition,” James revealed last year. “For ages I pretended it was Karl, but my sister was going out with one of my mates and told him, then he told the whole school. It wasn’t great.”

A source suggested to the Daily Mirror that doubt over their son’s middle name is holding up announcing their baby’s first name. “James and Julia haven’t decided on a name but James is really unsure if he should keep the family tradition going,” a source told the Daily Mirror. “He knows first-hand that it’s not a great name for a little boy to have growing up.”

Despite Kimberly being an old fashioned male name, today it’s more of a female moniker. “The little boy is also a healthy big bruiser who looks like he could easily grow up and become a rugby player, and Kimberly is, after all, usually a girl’s name,” continued the source.

It seems James would prefer something more manly, when he joked recently, “A frontrunner for me was Wilberforce as I thought that’s the greatest name in the world. If you’ve got ‘force’ in your name, that’s just amazing.”


If you’re still deciding on what to name your baby, check out our baby names finder for some inspiration.

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