Jamie Foxx surprises daughter with Spider-Man set visit

Actor reveals he’s playing villain in her favourite superhero movie sequel


Jamie Foxx has revealed he surprised his superhero-loving toddler with a visit to the ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ set.


The actor, who will play villain Electro in the highly anticipated sequel, thought this would be the best way to break the news of his new evil role to the 4-year-old.

“She is crazy about Spider-Man,” said Jamie, reports The Metro.

“For her fourth birthday, she had a Spider-Man party and she dressed up as Spider-Man for Halloween, so for a surprise I took her with me to the film set.”

And the ‘Django Unchained’ star’s daughter was quick to ask for plot details.

“She goes: ‘Are you going to be Spider-Man?’ And I said: “I’m not Spider-Man but I’m playing the villain.”

“A look of concern flashed across her face and she goes: “But, Daddy, Spider-Man will beat you up.”

Oh dear, looks like Jamie’s little one isn’t on Electro’s side!

Jamie isn’t the only celeb whose child thinks they have superhuman abilities, as Jessica Alba’s brood thinks she’s incredible and Britney Spears‘ sons believe she’s a superhero.

Does your little one love superheroes?

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