Jamie Oliver criticised for cooking while holding baby River

The dad-of-5 and professional chef has ignored it all so far...


A pic posted to Jamie Oliver’s Instagram has caused a bit of a stir… again ?


This time, the image simply shows the dad-of-5 holding his youngest son, River Rocket, snugly on his hip, while tending to a frying pan over the hob.

“Gotta start them young!” Jamie joked in the caption. “Bless baby River he’s so fascinated by the cooking.”

It’s true, little River does seem pretty transfixed! ?

Most of the comments were, naturally, in praise of the father-son bonding snap. Because it’s pretty cute, right? ?

But, according to the MailOnline, there were one or two commenters that seemed to suggest that it was ‘irresponsible’ of Jamie to cook while holding his baby.

“So adorable. But PLEASE don’t hold your baby near the stove,” one commenter allegedly wrote.

Another is said to have added: “‘I once had an awful experience doing just that with my little girl.”

Then an expert came out and spoke of the dangers of the pain ‘spitting’ hot oil or fat.

We totally understand that if something seems really, gravely wrong with an Instagram picture, it makes sense to comment on it and (gently) offer some advice.

But in this case it’s totally redundant, isn’t it?

After all, Jamie does have 5 children (therefore seems to know what he’s doing) and is a professional chef (therefore knows more than most about cooking, kitchen safety and when it’s OK to have his son near the pan).

Besides, haven’t mums and dads been balancing kitchen duty with baby-holding for quite some time?

Anyway, this one seems to have blown over as quickly as it began, as it appears that Jamie has since removed any negative comments from the post.


Images: Instagram/Jamie Oliver

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