How sweet is this pic of mum-of-5 Jools Oliver catching up on some well-earned rest alongside her gorgeous new baby boy?


The picture was shared by proud dad Jamie on Saturday, just 5 days after the lovely family welcomed their newest member - and he hacked into his wife's Instagram account to do it.

'Fessing up on Jools' page, the cheeky chef wrote:

'"@jamieoliver hacked mums Instagram account. Bless them both sleeping and exhausted together I can't tell you what a wicked mum this chick is....

"I had the best week off readjusting to the new family member a baby boy and I've loved every single minute....

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"everyone has grown and adjusted....Big love to all the mums out there it's hard graft amazing. Happy weekend people and when Jools finds out I hacked her account all I can say is I love you joxxxxxxx'."

Awww - he's one besotted and devoted daddy and husband, isn't he?

Despite the sharing of pics, there has been no word on a name for the little boy just yet.

But given the other Oliver children's wonderfully individual and carefully chosen monikers, we very much doubt Jamie and Jools will disappoint with their latest choice.

(There's Poppy Honey, 14, Daisy Boo, 12, Petal Blossom, 6 and Buddy Bear, 5, if you needed a recap).

However, we did come up with a helpful suggestion over on our M4M's Facebook page should the family be struggling at all. After Jamie uploaded this uber cute 'baby in the veg patch' pic we wondered if Spud might be on the cards?

Jamie shows off new baby in veg patch

Our lovely readers (that's you ?) were far more sensible of course, and came up with some some fab ideas including Quinn, as he is the couple's 5th baby, and Herbie because of the photo's setting.

We'll say no more about Basil, Courgette, Parsley and Chip which were also put forward, along with Pukka... ?

We can't wait to find out what he will be called - although for now 'gorgeous' fits just fine, right?

Photos: Jamie Oliver/Jools Oliver Instagram

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