Jamie Oliver fears school dinner price rise will affect children’s health

TV chef concerned that the rise in school dinner costs will threaten his campaign to get pupils eating healthily


School dinner prices are set to rise up to 17% today, causing TV chef Jamie Oliver to speak out over his concern for children’s nutritional health. The £2.60 school lunch cost could mean that poorer families opt for their child to not have the school meal.


“I believe any compromise on a child’s right to a healthy school lunch or their access to learning about food… is child abuse on an unimaginable scale,” Jamie said.

The rise threatens access to healthy meals for families who earn more than the £15,860 limit for free meals.

“Tough nutrition standards remain in place and we see no reason that quality will fall away. We make no apologies for giving head teachers complete freedom over their budgets – they no what’s best for pupils,” the Department of Education said.


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