Jamie Oliver’s about to become a dad of 5.


His wife of 16 years, designer Jools Oliver, is due to give birth in just 2 weeks' time - as confirmed by Jamie himself on Instagram.

They’ll be adding to their brood of 3 girls (Poppy, Petal and Daisy) and 1 boy (Buddy Bear). It’s pretty obvious that the kids names have been inspired by flowers and nature, so far.

So when asked in a chat with OK! magazine, Jamie hinted they’d be following suit with the new arrival’s name:

“I think you can guarantee something floral or from the natural world.

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“We might go with seasons this time. It’s going to be a little bit hippy, whatever happens.”

Hmmm…. So what do you think it might be? We quite like ‘Violet Summer’ for a girl. Or how about 'Forest Fox' for a boy? Just a suggestion!

That said, the TV chef revealed in the same chat that’d he’d quite like baby no 5 to be a boy… because he and his 5-year-old son Buddy are feeling a little outnumbered.

He joked:

“Buddy and I are overwhelmed and I feel vulnerable.

“A little bit of testosterone would really help, I think, and Jools agrees.”


It’s not often people admit they have a preference for their unborn baby’s sex, but now it’s got us thinking… what floral or natural names could they choose for a boy?

What do you think Jools and Jamie’s baby will be called? Did you want a boy or a girl - or were you happy either way? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

Images: Instagram/Jamie Oliver

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