Jamie Oliver is definitely the daddy

TV chef shares cute picture of his mini-me son - definitely not the milkman's!


Jamie Oliver has posted an adorable photo of his 1-year-old son, Buddy, alongside a snap of himself at the same age – proving (not that there was any doubt) that little Buddy really is his father’s son.


The celebrity chef, 36, shared his photos with followers on Twitter, showing his son with identical eyes, nose and mouth as himself as a nipper.

“Buddy at 1 year old. I think I might be the dad! Dead ringer or what,” tweeted Jamie.

We could have told you that a year ago, when Jamie tweeted a cute snap of his newborn boy, already showing all the tell-tale signs of an Oliver!

Jamie and his wife, Jools, also have three daughters, Poppy Honey, 9, Daisy Boo, 8 and Petal, 2.

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