Jamie Oliver puts brakes on Jool’s baby plans

Jools Oliver wants another baby… Jamie says not now


Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and wife Jools appear to have differing views on adding to their brood.


Jools and Jamie have four children, Poppy Honey, 10, Daisy Boo, 9, Buddy Bear, 22 moths, and Petal Blossom, 3, but Jools is feeling broody. Speaking to Red magazine, Jools said, “I want a fifth, but I know it would be wrong.”

As Jamie continues with his ongoing school dinner debate, the celebrity chef probably feels he’s got millions of children to worry about. Jamie reportedly told Jools, “Give it a couple of years.”

No doubt this wasn’t the pukka response Jools was after, but the mum-of-four, who’s recently seen her relationship in the media spotlight, admitted it would be tough. Jools said, “I never get any time to spend with Jamie as it is.”

Jules said she and Jamie have different approaches when it comes to parenting, too. Jools said, “I drive him mad, and he drives me mad. He doesn’t worry about anything, especially when it comes to the kids. If they’re choking, he’s sat there going, ‘Oh, they’ll sort it out’, while I’m on the floor, dead from panicking.”

Does your partner have different views to you? How do you figure out your difference? Let us know below…


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