Jay Z’s rider for Blue Ivy revealed

Beyonce's daughter is a total diva already! Just kidding…


When you’re a rockstar, one of the many perks is being able to put together a rider – a list of the food, drink, and whatever else you want in each hotel room along your tour.


So whether you want a room filled with Nando’s chicken, expensive flowers, or a bowl of Revels with all the coffee ones taken out – there’s always some poor runner or intern who will make sure your every wish is granted.

So when details of 99 Problems rapper Jay Z’s rider leaked online, we expected it to be full of outlandish demands – but the dad-of-1’s biggest request is that every room is completely toddler-proof.

The entire suite must be childproofed with all corners, sharp edges, and electrical outlets all covered, and statues, lamps, and breakable objects removed, according to TMZ.

Oh, and 3-year-old Blue only drinks organic whole milk – so get that supermarket-own brand semi-skimmed rubbish outta here!

Of course, he might be a considerate dad, but Jay Z still has some odd requests of his own.

Jay has two no-no’s for staff:

  1. No vacuuming near his room and
  2. Don’t ask for concert tickets if you want to ‘avoid embarrassment’.

We’ll come back later with the hoover then!

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