Jeff Brazier defends his “vandals” Freddy and Bobby

Jeff's two children, Bobby and Freddy, have been classed as "vandals" on Twitter... for drawing with chalk on the pavement!


Jeff Brazier is a hands-on dad when it comes to his two boys, Bobby, 8, and Freddie, 6, whether it’s the school run or spending holiday time with them. This week he’s even had to stand up for them on Twitter, after a lighthearted comment (and pic) about chalk art turned into a debate about vandalism!


Jeff tweeted yesterday, “‘street chalk’ is brilliant fun for the kids, had 7 of them out there, the whole roads covered!” Jeff also posted up a pic of his boys’ handiwork.

However, apparently his neighbours weren’t quite as excited about Bobby and Freddy’s art…

“Ps everyone, re the neighbours that get the hump when our kids chalk on the street…it’s not bloody spray paint! Mine are all cool luckily…” the TV presenter tweeted.

“Oops someone just said it’s vandalism, I’m gonna say goodnight now before I assume that means my kids are all vandals! Whoops! X” tweeted Jeff a few seconds later.

“So the reason the person think it’s vandalism is because it leads to graffiti,” added Jeff.

The response from Jeff’s followers was unanimous though. “Why can’t people just let kids be kids?! They moan that kids r 2 grown up these days, then moan when there just being kids! x” replied one of Jeff’s Twitter followers.

“Chalking a hopscotch game leads to vandalism? Whatever next? Hide and seek leads to stalking?!?! Xx” another outraged Twitter follower tweeted.

“On other fronts, It did rain and the chalk did disappear and my two vandals are vandals no more.x” tweeted Jeff this morning.

The 32-year-old is no stranger with disciplining his sons when needed – he recently made his youngest boy write out lines after using a rude word in the presence of his neighbours. But calling little Bobby and Freddie vandals for playing with chalk? We think that’s a tad too far!

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