Jeff Brazier does the school run in Dancing On Ice training costumes!

TV presenter is giving celeb mums a run for their money at the school gates dressed in his Lycra

Forget glamourous yummy mummies at the school gates (linked), Dancing On Ice contestant Jeff Brazier has given school run fashion a makeover, complete with skin tight trousers.


The TV-presenter-turned-ice-dancer has admitted to OK! magazine that he drops his sons, Bobby and Freddie, off at school wearing his tight training gear.

“I’ve progressed to walking into the playground to pick up the kids wearing nothing but tight leggings,” admits Jeff. “I’m over the self-conscious phase. The mums might enjoy it – no one’s pinched my bum yet!”

Luckily his two little ones are also embracing the show (and outfits), with Jeff playing teacher to them at the rink when he practices with partner, Isabelle Gauthier.

“They’re really involved. I’ve had them on the ice doing a bit of skating, they’re really enjoying learning as well,” says Jeff.


Oh to be a mum at those school gates, eh ladies?

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