Jeff Brazier: “Life after Jade with our two boys”

Jade Goody’s ex-partner reveals how their sons are coping without their mum

“I well up every time I think about how much Jade loved our boys,” TV presenter and Jade’s former partner, Jeff Brazier, has revealed. Having lived apart from the boys when Jade was alive, Jeff, 30, now lives with his two doting young sons, Bobby, 5, and Freddie, 4, in his home in Essex.


In his first interview since Jade died from cervical cancer aged 27 in March this year, Jeff told The Sun how he admired Jade as a mum. “She didn’t have an easy life and the boys were the best and truest thing she ever did. She loved them with everything she had. The boys are great – they are getting more handsome by the day. Everything that has ever happened in my life has prepared me for where I am now, so that’s why I am very happy and relaxed. Everything is going as well – better – than I could have hoped for.”

Jeff and Jade became the reality TV golden couple in 2004 and went on to become parents to their two sons before splitting in 2006. Although Jade married long term boyfriend Jack Tweed, 21, a month before she died, she has always remained close to Jeff and gave him full custody of the boys in her will.

Jeff explained that the boys are coping well with losing their mum at such an early age. “When you’re a lot younger, maybe you are capable of dealing with things better because you don’t know about grief.”

He has launched two Facebook forums for single parents: Parent Support Network and Dads In Difficulty. He wants parents to share tips about having a successful family life after a break-up. “I’ve been the dad who doesn’t live with the children and now I’m the dad with full-time custody. I can see it from all sides. I started the groups more than a year ago, way before Jade’s illness.

“When you are not with the mother, society tells you you are not meant to get on, but I never missed any time with the boys due to arguing.

“I wanted to share my experience, to enable people with a problem to put a topic on a discussions board, and now we’ve got nearly 1,000 people signed up.”


Jeff also revealed that Jade had left her sons a poignant way to remember her by – a picture book filled with special photographs and memories entitled ‘Remember Me This Way’.

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