Jennifer Aniston grabs herself a baby – amazing pic!

The actress gets in a tot tug-of-war on the set of her latest film


Many women can relate to the overwhelming desire to have a baby, but there’s broody and then there’s this.


These pictures, released from the filming of We’re The Millers, show Jennifer Aniston getting in an almighty baby-based brawl – and by the looks of things emerging the victor.

The first-look snaps from the set show Jen and co-star Kathryn Hahn wrestling each other for a blanket covered bundle of joy, before Jen loses her grip and the pair look on in horror as the ‘child’ crashes to the ground.

As previously reported on MadeforMums, the former Friends actress has recently put her baby plans on hold, as sources say boyfriend Justin Theroux is “not looking to start a family any time soon.”


Let’s just hope that Jen isn’t a fan of method acting – or else the children of La La Land should keep a firm grip on their baby dolls.

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