Jennifer Lopez’s £6,000 potty training disaster

JLo shows that she's a normal parent prone to potty training hitches, after her son's poo problems end up costing them thousands


Jennifer Lopez’s husband Marc Anthony revealed that they are just like normal parents struggling to potty train their 3-year-old twins Emme and Max. the only difference is, their son’s potty training  disaster ended up costing the couple a fortune…


As well as being a mischievious toddler who loves to squirt his sister and nan with his water pistol, Max is also a stinker when it comes to causing havoc with his ongoing potty training!

Talking on The Late Show with David Letterman show, Marc explained how his toddler son Max’s toilet woes left them with a hefty bill. “Max had an accident in the pool and it got into the filter system and they charged us to clean it,” Marc revealed. “That was expensive. He took a £6,000 dump in the pool.”

With the expensive potty training lesson behind them, Marc also revealed that they tempt their twins on the potty with lollipops, and the training is in “full force”.

“Everytime they use their potty we give them a lollipop. Then a few days passed and we ran out. I’m like, “You should probably get them checked out if they’re using the potty that much!”

Did you have any potty training disasters?

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