Just a couple of weeks ago, US actress Jenny Mollen was sharing her final, 39-week bump update on Instagram.


Flash forward to the present day, and the 38-year-old Angel star is in the throes of caring for her newborn son, Lazlo, who was born via c-section.

Just looking at her latest Instagram posts, you can see she's really going through it, too (as we all do).

Not only has she mastered the ‘I’m knackered’ new mum selfie, and the ‘My boobs are so ginormous please send help’ breastfeeding shot...

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c section scar

But she’s also revealed through a series of pics how her body’s been changing, post caesarean.

Days after welcoming little Lazlo, Jenny shared a photo of her bandaged-up tum, with the simple caption “post-op”.

jenny bandaged

And 2 weeks postpartum, she’s introduced the world (and herself) to her c-section scar, in hopes it will be helpful for soon-to-be new mums.

It's raised, a little bumpy, and she's still showing signs of her linea nigra...

jenny scar

“I just met my new c-section scar for the first time this morning. Thank you Dr. Albert Sassoon for your artistry," she wrote beside it.

“Because I wish somebody had shown me a pic like this 9 months ago, I'd like to insist this be your new business card.

“#2weekspostpartum #csection#keepingitreal #albertsassoon4EVA ??”

We’ll never get tired of seeing women sharing their c-section scars and pouch tummies - because expectant women and new mums need to see the reality.

And as a celeb, it would be SO easy for Jenny to gloss over this part of her life on Instagram.

We’re really, really glad she didn’t ???

Images: Instagram/Jenny Mollen

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