Seems like Angel actress Jenny Mollen is pretty excited to be expecting her 2nd baby with her hubby, American Pie star Jason Biggs.


She recently announced the news with a funny bedtime snap on Instagram.

And she also shared the above shower snap, of her and 3-year-old son Sid, along with the caption: "Ah, the joys of expecting... #motherhood ???⛓??"

While there were, to be fair, loads of positive comments, and a few about how tiny Jenny's bump looks ("That's what I look like after eating pizza!!!" said one fan) - there was another strand to the convo too, based around the fact Jenny was naked in the shower with her little boy.

"Why are you naked in front of your kid?" asked one follower.

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"I love your page...but this is so inappropriate!! But I guess anything goes in this world. There are some things that just don't need to be posted on social media," said another.

And another asked: "Why the f*** would u share something like this??? Is nothing sacred anymore?"

Though plenty of others jumped to Jenny's defence, one saying:

"I'm loling at… how people are 'outraged' by this image. They clearly don't follow you or read your books or know you (like I do. So well. BFFS and all) and also anyone feeling weird that you're naked in front of your three-year-old can go jump off a bridge."

Another added: "WHY ARE PEOPLE SO DUMB!? I think you're hilarious and beautiful and seem like a great mom. F*** the haters. Moms shower with their kids sometimes. So what!?"

Here at MFM HQ, we have to say, some of us have agreed we shower/bath and get naked in front of our little ones with no issues, though we definitely wouldn't share pics of these experiences on social media.

Then again, we're not celebs in the public eye with a massive social audience like Jenny.

Even if we wouldn't share such intimate moments, isn't it up to her to decide what images of her and her family she will and won't make public?

What do you think?

Do you shower/bath with your little ones? What age is too old to do it anymore? What do you make of Jenny sharing this 'intimate moment'?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

Image: Jenny Mollen on Intagram

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