If you go through the camera roll on any mum's phone – chances are it's FULL of pictures of their children. The pictures could be of them playing with the dog, eating spaghetti or wearing a bubble beard in the bath.

But how do you decide which of these precious moments to share online?

Well, the debate has been opened again because of an Instagram photo actress Olivia Wilde shared of her toddler son. The picture of 19-month-old Otis is taken from behind and shows him playing in the garden wearing nothing but his cowboy hat.

Olivia captioned the photo "naked cowboy" – but the actress was quickly scolded by Instagram users for sharing the snap.

"Why post nude pics of your child? So many psychos out there!" one commented. "More people will ‘like’ that than you wish. Your naked child is nothing you upload in the world wide web where it stays forever…" another added.

Both of these comments seem to suggest that Olivia is putting her son in danger by sharing nude photos of him online.

But others were more worried about Otis being embarrassed by the pictures when he grows up. "He will hate you for this. Trust me. Ask my mom," another Instagram user commented.

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