Jessica Alba given new mum role

Mum-of-one Jessica Alba moves from playing sexy spies to mummy spies in Spy Kids 4

Jessica Alba, the star of films including Fantastic Four and Little Fockers has been cast in a more mumsy role in the latest instalment of the Spy Kids franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Real life mum to 2-year-old Honor, Jessica will play a mum of a new baby and two stepchildren.

It’s a new direction for the actress who up to now has played sexy leading roles – perhaps a reflection of Hollywood’s attitude to actresses who become mums?

Still, 29-year-old Jessica will no doubt manage to look extremely glamorous and unstressed despite caring for three children.

It’s believed that Jessica will play a spy who becomes ‘re-activated’ and her on screen stepchildren will join her, becoming the Spy Kids of the film.


Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara, who played Carmen and Juni Cortez in the previous movies, will appear as grown-up agents alongside their on screen dad Antonio Banderas.

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