Jessica Alba: “My daughter is a bully”

Actress reveals how she caught toddler Honor Marie hair pulling and stealing!


It’s very rare that a celeb mum stops her gushing and cooing and tells it how it is, but as Jessica Alba has proved even celebrity mums aren’t immune to the terrible toddler phase!


The 29-year-old mum to Honor Marie, 19 months, was shocked to find her daughter pushing her playmate around whilst on holiday, and even stealing from her. “We realised on this trip that my daughter is a bully. She would steal her girlfriend’s toys and push her, pull her hair for a stroller, baby doll or a purse,” mum Jessica revealed to chat show host, Jay Leno.

Whilst toddler behaviour can be baffling to first time parents, being aggressive towards other children and possessive about their toys is a normal part of your toddler’s development. Check out MFM’s guide to what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to your baby and toddler’s behaviour. 

Another predicament that Jessica has come across since becoming a mum is how children completely change the dynamics of holidays! Gone are the days of lounging around the pool, carefree with cocktail in one hand and sun lotion in the other. “Now that you have kids, it’s different going on vacation. Single people aren’t really trying to wake up early in the morning. They don’t understand a meltdown, and a poopie diaper grosses them out,” she admitted.


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