Jessica Alba’s hubby celebrates daughter’s first birthday on the wrong day

Cash Warren tweets his daughter Haven turns 1 – a day early


Jessica Alba’s husband jumped the gun with birthday celebrations for daughter Haven, tweeting a day early.


Cash tweeted, “My baby girl turned 1 today!” Quick to spot his error, Jessica Alba wrote, “She turns 1 tomorrow. Yesterday was her party genius.” Oops! Guess who’s not getting any leftover cake…

Luckily for Cash, he posted a really cute snap of his daughter and Jessica with his erroneous tweet.

Clearly still determined to have a good time, the excited dad-of-two posted another snap of Jessica in a ball pool, floating in a pool.

Jessica pulled out all the stops on the decorations, which had a glorious crafty feel to it. Although the cheeky tweeter did admit she nearly broke her toe in the process.


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