By coincidence, celeb mums Jessica Simpson and Tori Spelling have both received flack at the same time, for the exact same thing… letting their daughters wear purple lippy.


Let’s start with 37-year-old Jessica, who took to Instagram to share a pic of her mum-daughter day out with her 5-year-old, Maxwell.

Her mini-me just so happens to be obsessed with the MAC shop, and they popped in to have a look around and try on the bold colour…

“This is NOT an #ad, @maccosmetics is my daughter’s favorite store!” Jessica wrote beside the sweet pic, above. “Mommy-Daughter Day with #MAXIDREW #girlygoth”

Not only did she face complaints about the brand of choice (as commenters alleged that they test on animals), but she also received the sadly to-be-expected chorus of:

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"Her favorite store?? OMG. She should be playing outside or learning about the world not sitting in a chair putting on make up at MAC. What's wrong with you?"

“Isn’t she too young for makeup?”

Meanwhile, 44-year-old mum of 5 Tori Spelling getting it in the ear over a snap of her 9-year-old daughter Stella wearing a very similar plum shade.

tori spelling

It would seem the photo was taken during a special occasion – the family’s Thanksgiving dinner - and it's obvious that young Stella has co-ordinated her top with her nice lipstick ?

But, of course, that didn’t go down well with a few snarky commenters:

“Why does your daughter have makeup on?? She is to [sic] little!!!” one wrote.

While another quite brashly decided: “Stella is too young for dark lipstick.”


To be fair, it wasn’t long before the positive began to outweigh the negative, and both women received a flurry of support from fans and fellow mums saying that it’s totally natural for kids to want to experiment with make up (obvs).

We wonder if, in the case, the commenters got themselves into a tizz because the make-up was so obvious, and such a dark shade.

It’s quite a grown-up colour that deep, luxurious purple, isn’t it? Definitely something we’d wear to a party or on a night out, rather than, like, just around the house while we’re doing the dishes or whatever ?

And make up kits for kids are usually have quite pale lippy, don’t they?

That said, we also wonder if trying out the big and bold colours is a good thing for little ones. It's an opportunity to play and experiment with new styles, all the while realising that it’s not, for many people, everyday make-up.

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Images: Instagram/Jessica Simpson, Instagram/Tori Spelling

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