Jessica Simpson’s pregnant body criticised…by herself

Pregnant Jessica says she’s “like a big blob” while Beyonce glows in pre-birth photoshoot


Pregnant women normally like to be described in terms of glowing and blooming. But mum-to-be Jessica Simpson has opted for a less than flattering alternative, describing herself as being “like a big blob”, reports. 


Jessica, 31, who’s expecting her first child with fiancé Eric Johnson, gave herself this unbecoming nickname after realising she’ll soon be catching sight of her pre-baby figure on TV. The singer, who has launched her own fashion range, is to be a judge on US show, Fashion Star, which launches in March. “It will be amazing to see myself with a waistline,” Jessica joked during a press conference call. At least it wasn’t her husband who gave her the unflattering name – unlike Amanda Holden’s charming partner.

Meanwhile, Beyonce was so proud of her pregnant body, she modelled her latest House of Dereon range pre-birth. The sultry images of Beyonce don’t actually reveal her bump – she left that to her MTV announcement – but she has a gorgeous glow about her. See, Jessica? Glow. That’s more like it.


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