JK Rowling has some wizard parenting advice for us all

Kids ever tried to use the 'killing curse' on you? Then read on…


We’re parents. We’re made of stern stuff. We can (pretty much) take everything a small child throws at us – from unwanted food to toddler tantrums to furious shouts of ‘I HATE you!”


But what would you do if your child hit you with the Avada Kedavra curse from Harry Potter?

As every Harry Potter fan knows, Avada Kedavra is the ‘killing curse’ – the worst curse in the wizarding world, a tool of the Dark Arts and the favoured weapon of the evil Lord Voldemort. 


Stumped for a way to respond to a Avada Kedavra-yelling child, parents have been tweeting JK Rowling and asking for advice.

Luckily for all cursed parents, the Harry Potter creator has the perfect response.

Of course! (The fierce love of Harry Potter’s parents protected him from Voldemort’s curse when he was a babe.)

And we loved the ‘Dobby eyes’ comment as much as JK’s fans…

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