Popstar singers Marvin Humes and wife Rochelle are expecting their first child and the dad-to-be couldn’t be more excited.


The JLS star has opened up about his desire to meet his unborn baby and gushed about how well Rochelle is dealing with the pregnancy.

Speaking to MailOnline about becoming a father, Marvin said: “I’m feeling massive excitement. I’m definitely ready for it, it’s not anything that scares me.”

Discussing how Rochelle is coping with her pregnancy the 27-year-old dad said: “She is the most beautiful pregnant lady.”

“We are both at a great point in our lives and we are in a relationship where we both feel comfortable to extend our love. It's amazing, incredible and we can’t wait.”

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The proud dad-to-be also shared how well Rochelle has adapted to her changing shape and managed to maintain a healthy balance between work life and being pregnant.

“Like most women who have had children it’s pretty tough but she is strong. She is a trooper and nothing phases her. She’s dealt with it really well. She has had rough days but she’s doing great.”

The loved up couple were recently spotted maternity shopping at Mamas & Papas. Marvin was evidently gathering white and pale-grey babygrows, but he insists the couple don’t know the sex of the baby: “We don’t know. We are keeping the sex a surprise. We want to wait.”

As members of JLS and The Saturdays the couple will have plenty of extra hands on standby for babysitting duty. When JLS were asked about future babysitting duties, Aston said: “Marvin doesn’t trust us,” to which Marvin replied: “You’d have to ask Rochelle!”

Which celebrity would you call on to babysit? Let us know below...