Jonas Brother star is being baby bullied

Kevin Jonas says that now he's married, the big question from everyone is when is his wife having a baby?


The only married bro in The Jonas Brothers has spoken of how he feels pressured to have babies with his new wife.


Kevin Jonas, 23, married his sweetheart Danielle Deleasa in December 2009, and ever since, the baby bullies have been out in force asking them when they’re going to start a family.

“It’s that point where people are just like, ‘OK, so you’ve been married, when are you going to have a kid?'” Kevin said recently. And although he feels the pressure, he admitted that he’d like two or three children eventually. “Four is a big number. i would like two or three at the most. I think that’s the perfect number. i don’t know about too many after that.”

Kevin also revealed that it’s his fear of becoming “dog people” that might make him and Danielle parents sooner rather than later. “We’ve started to realise we might become those weird dog people, so we’re headed towards parenthood sooner than we hoped.”

If you’re being pressured to have babies like Kevin, here’s how to deal with baby bullies.

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