Jools Oliver’s well-known as a kids’ clothing designer, as wife to very famous TV chef Jamie Oliver and as a mum of 5.


43-year-old Jools and Jamie, 43, share 16-year-old Poppy, 15-year-old Daisy, 9-year-old Petal, 7-year-old Buddy and 1-year-old River together.

On the outside looking in, we could imagine a few ‘wow, 5 kids’ comments – but what we’re wondering - which amount of little ones is really the hardest transition?

After all, we know how much of a shock to the system it can be to adjust going from one child to 2, or from having 2 to 3…

“I did have the same feeling [of it being most challenging] after 2, going to 3,” admits Jools. “But once you’ve crossed the 3 - 4 threshold, you just need to stay calm and find time for all of them!”

And to any naysayers thinking: ‘Blimey, who’d have 5?” Jools added: “I wouldn’t change a thing, I know people think I’m mad but I love a house full of children…. and Jamie of course.”

That said, 5 kids IS a lot of travel around with, even on a daily basis – you can’t wear 5 kids at once. Fortunately, they seemed to be just at the right stages to make getting around kinda doable.

Think a lot of multi-tasking. “When the children were tiny, I loved wearing them but as they got heavier I opted for the buggy.”

(Perhaps that's what inspired the new Little Bird By Jools carrier everyone’s going crackers for? See below...)

jools oliver

“To be honest, with 5 children, I’ve definitely been wearing one, pushing another and trying to keep an eye on the other 3 while walking to and from school.

“I’ve used a lot of strollers over the years but I didn’t ever think of buying the convertible one – I have had my fair share of buggy boards and scooters too…”

Having teens and a tiny toddler, and a few in-between, it seems Jools can’t quite pick her favourite stage of childhood.

(Here at MFM HQ, we’ve all got our favourite stages and little ones’ ages. We’re guessing you do, too!)

“I think most people close to me know how much I love the newborn stage,” she continues.

“But I can honestly say I absolutely love it all. The first smile, first giggle, first steps.

“Equally when you have teenagers, you grow with them and it’s just amazing to hear their opinions and watch them on the long (and sometimes tough) journey towards being young adults.”

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