Jools Oliver (read our Oliver family facts) has opened up about one of the biggest challenges mums can face: feeling alone ?


The mum of 5 might be surrounded by love from her kids: Poppy, Daisy, Petal, Buddy and River, but sometimes, she admits, she could do with a bit of grown-up interaction.

After previously sharing she's at home alone with kids a lot, as husband Jamie's often away working during the week, she confessed to MadeForMums:

"I think loneliness is often misunderstood.

"People assume that you’ve got constant company but just having an adult conversation or a hug from someone who understands is so important.

"I’m not saying that children aren’t enough, of course they are, but when you’re incredibly tired and trying to juggle 100s of things in a day, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with feeling alone."

We have to say, we can SO relate to this ???

Whether you're working, at home, have a loving partner, are parenting solo, or are surrounded by family, it's totally normal to feel a bit adrift amid the day-in, day-out of mum life.

After all, as Jools herself said on the Made By Mammas podcast, sometimes it can all feel a bit "mind-numbing".

The secret to not feeling lonely? Finding your tribe - or at least, other mums in the same position, anyone you can relate to.

"There are so many amazing groups out there that can help so there is always help if you need it," she adds.

(We hope, in some small way, the MadeForMums forum and Instagram communities offer comfort, too!)

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