Parents are often criticised for the most ridiculous things on social media.


Just a few weeks ago personal trainer and Instagram star, Chontel Duncan, was criticised for not supporting her baby's head in a selfie.

However, while the criticism levelled at Duncan was unfair, the outrage that has accompanied a Canadian man's attempt at gaining Facebook notoriety seems to be justified.

Scroll down to watch the video for yourself.


Mart Laf, a resident of Calgary, posted the video publicly to his Facebook page, which shows him chopping the stump of a tree with one hand - while cradling his newborn baby in the other.

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At one point he swings the axe right around the baby's head.

The video was shared by parenting site 'Fatherly' with the description: “Don’t try this at home (unless you are a badass like Mart Laf)" and continued with the following message:

"If you're not the guy who can split a log the size of an oil drum with one hand than you probably shouldn't attempt it, while balancing a newborn in the other hand."

But if you are that guy, everyone else can mind their own business, while you make sure the nursery's warm."


Unsurprisingly the video has caused quite a reaction on social media with many users commenting on how dangerous this stunt appears to be.

One parent commented: "Bad Ass or stupid? Accidents happen to everyone and wood chips fly. My babies were worth more than a spot on FB."

Another said: "What a complete and utter ass. Rather than “winning parenting” this guy could be losing his right to be one."

While the video got a profoundly negative reaction, some users still congratulated Laf on his skills:

One user said: "I can't cut wood like that so I wouldn't but if you have the skill and you know your body. How are you going to fall or lose your balance? It's not like your running with the baby in one arm and the axe in the other hand.. Jeez"

Another said: "Cudos to you good sir I can barely shop wood with two hands you are my bearded hero don't mine the haters they have no life but to bitch about others. That baby will grow just fine."

It should be said that Laf has responded to the criticism, arguing that he has had plenty of experience in chopping wood:

"I just would like to state that it is very sad that anyone could think that I would risk the life of my child or to intend to hurt her at any cost.

"I had practice all day with logs the same size. Therefore know how the log react.

"To think that wood flies on its own is science fiction - chop more wood watch less movies, this sh*t isn’t kindling!"

Here at MFM we would ask whether it is really necessary to involve your newborn in wood-chopping. Perhaps instead of filming the scene, the person shooting the video could have held the baby...

Photo/video: Facebook/ Fatherly

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