Wayne Rooney's son Kai certainly knows how to make an entrance. Live TV, 1 football commentator and 2 football legends - all you need is a 5 year old throwing handstand shapes.


If you can't see Kai's kicking legs, follow the arrow.

Kai runs behind the rather odd studio table perched in the middle of the Man U stadium and proceeds to do a scissor-leg handstand while BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey carries on talking to Paul Scholes and Steve McManaman.


All of a sudden dad Wayne appears on to the scene holding young Klay in his hands – inconspicuously dressed in a beacon yellow jacket - and pulls Kai away from the action. Shame!

Watch the whole video on mum Coleen's Twitter page.

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It's not the only cute Rooney video this week. Proud parents Wayne and Coleen have also posted a home movie of 17-month-old Klay kicking a ball around the house. In our humble opinions, the toddler looks seriously good, dressed in his No 10 pyjamas...


"This little man wakes up and just wants to play football," says proud dad Wayne.


Look at those dribbling feet! Sadly, just at the end of the video, Klay takes a kick too far and falls to the ground. Or did he take a dive?

Watch the video on Wayne's Facebook page or an even longer version on proud mum Coleen's Facebook.




Susie Boone, Editorial Director MadeForMums
Susie BooneEditorial Director, MadeForMums