Kai Rooney’s £2,000 car seat

Mum Coleen Rooney posted a Twit pic of her 22-month-old in his brand new car seat, apparently worth around £2,000


Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney and wife Coleen Rooney have been splashing their cash on their toddler son, Kai Rooney.


Coleen showed off a gorgeous snap of Kai suited and booted at the age of 22 months on Twitter, sitting pretty in a brand new car seat made by Bentley. It’s believed to be worth around £2,000, reports the Daily Mail.

Coleen and Kai had planned to take the train to Coleen’s Littlewoods photo shoot, but ended up taking the car – hence the pic!

“Usually go on train but there [sic] slow on a Sunday so on my way by car today x” the WAG tweeted over the weekend.

“Did the little man behave?” tweeted Coleen to one of her friends a few hours later, along with this adorable photo.

This isn’t the first time the Rooneys have spoilt their one and only child. The couple allegedly spent £90,000 on Kai’s first birthday at their £4.5 million mansion home in Cheshire. WAG Coleen has also been spotted holidaying in numerous lavish locations around the world with her boy, spending quality time together whilst Wayne worked.

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While Kai looks extremely comfy in his designer car seat, apparently Britain’s best dressed toddler wasn’t feeling at all well last week – “hes [sic] off nursery today sick, hasn’t been well all week. Cough, cold etc,” Coleen tweeted to a follower who asked about her son.  “[But] he seems to be getting a bit better,” she added.

Poor Kai, we hope he’s on the mend! Has your child got the sniffles? Make sure you read up on the important lifesaving signs all parents need to recognise when it comes to coughs, colds and babies.

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