Here at MFM HQ we read more than our fair share of mum blogs - and some really hit the mark.


Like this one, from Kara Lewis Newton, which she shared on Facebook back in 2016, about one particular morning when she found herself doing a mad dash to get celery to her son at school.

Turns out he needed it - and she'd totally missed the school's letter asking for it.

Kara goes on to mention some of the other things she doesn't always get quite spot on when it comes to parenting - and the mums on our team could put a big fat green tick next to practically all of them ?

So, we're really not surprised this post's doing the rounds again, on sites like Love What Matters...

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Kara writes:

“Chopped celery. That’s what I’m driving to my son’s school today. Why? Because I don’t look in his folder.

"I missed that he needed to bring chopped celery to school today, and I have no idea why he needs it, but he does.

"So I’m driving it to him praying that he gets it on time.

"I miss things.

"My kids don’t always have clean socks.

"We ate at Wendy’s last night.

"I forget to RSVP to parties.

'We never have cash when we need it.

"My kid doesn’t always have his coat.

"There might be Halloween candy in their lunches.

"I sign without reading sometimes.

"And I don’t always check my kids’ folders.

"But… I love them. And I work dang hard for them. And I’m banking on the fact that 20 years from now, they won’t remember that their mom forgot the chopped celery.

"I am praying they remember how hard I fought for them everyday to have a good life… one where they know they are fiercely loved no matter what.”

? ? ?

We really couldn't have said this better ourselves: nope, sometimes we're not as organised as we could be - but, man, we love our kids and only, always, want the best for them - and that's want really counts ❤️

Image: Kara Lewis Newton in Love What Matters

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