Kate Beckinsale stands up for party-loving mums everywhere

Her response to a critic on Instagram is, put simply, genius....


If this story is anything to go by, it seems the mum-shaming never ends, no matter how old your child is.


Hollywood actress Kate Beckinsale’s daughter Lily Sheen is an all-grown up 18, yet Kate’s still getting ‘hate’ over her choices on Instagram.

The 43-year-old mum of 1 recently posted a video of herself out on the town with a few pals, letting her hair down and having a bit of a boogie?

One disgruntled Instagram user wasn’t best pleased to see a mum having fun, so responded with: “Go home and take care of your kids.”

Hey, if you can’t come up with a creative insult, why not stick to the classics? LOL ?

Fortunately, Kate’s retort was perfectly original…

“What’s amazing is it is no longer the 18th century,” she replied.

“So now that my one child is grown I don’t have to stay home (while she’s out with her own friends) playing the pianoforte, getting consumption or trying to secure her a marriage.

“But thank you for the quaint blast from the past. Oh, and I can vote now too!”


Tail between his legs, the user apologised: “It’s just a joke. I guess a horrible one. Lol. Sorry.”

A joke that implies mums should never go outside, enjoy themselves, or dare to be more than 2 inches away from their offspring? Totally hilarious ?

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Video: Instagram/Kate Beckinsale

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