Kate Garraway introduces baby Billy on GMTV

Proud mum shows off 3-month-old son on the TV sofa

Returning to the GMTV sofa after her 3-month absence, Kate Garraway had a little visitor she wanted her co-hosts to meet – baby Billy!


Perfectly behaved and looking incredibly cute, 3-month-old Billy was passed around the studio by Kate, 42, to TV presenters Andrew Castle and Emma Crosby.

While the presenters cooed over Billy, Kate momentarily got a tad nervous, saying “I hope he’s not sick on you!” When it was Emma’s turn to hold the baby, Kate quipped, “It suits you Emma, I can see another GMTV baby. Your waist is too thin, let’s get your pregnant!”

Looking radiant, mum-of-two Kate revealed that she is now back to health after suffering from the breast infection, mastitis. “I got mastitis, which is very common, but I ended up in hospital. Thankfully we’re through that all now.”

Kate also revealed that the Garraway clan may not be complete, even though she is thrilled to have a boy and girl (she also has a 3-year-old daughter, Darcey). “I do quite fancy it. I feel like I’ve got into the rhythm.”


Kate is due back on the GMTV sofa in November.

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