Kate Middleton is pregnant, claims friend

A source close to the royal couple says they are set to announce pregnancy


Prince William and Catherine Middleton are reportedly set to announce Catherine’s pregnancy shortly, a friend claims.


The royal couple, both 30, are said to be preparing to reveal “happy, wonderful news” with the world next month, an insider close to the couple has revealed, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Jessica Hay, a close friend of the Duchess, has said that William and Catherine have said they want to become parents at a young age, and claims that Kate’s apparent weight gain is baby related.

“William and Kate are focused on starting a family. They’ve discussed it endlessly and don’t want to be older parents,” Jessica claimed to New Idea magazine.

Jessica, an old school friend of the Duchess’s, who attended the royal wedding reception in April 2011, also shared that William and Catherine are hoping for two children. Rumours that Kate was pregnant with twins were rife in September, and now Jessica’s comments seem to hint at this, too.

“It seems very traditional but of course they’ll be happy with two boys or two girls, they don’t want more,” she said.

Prince William shared his views on starting a family in an interview earlier this year to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

“I’m just very keen to have a family and both Catherine and I, you know, are looking forward to having a family in the future,” he said.

Prince William and Kate reportedly saved the top two tiers of their wedding cake for the christening of their first child. And, after an abundance of pregnancy rumours surrounding the royal couple that have turned out to be false, here at MFM HQ we’re wondering if it might finally be time to get that cake out!


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