Hollywood actress Katherine Heigl has been spotted travelling with 8-month-old baby daughter Adalaide in tow.


The actress, who’s famous for her role in Grey’s Anatomy, adopted Adalaide from within the USA in April.

The 32-year-old, who’s married to country musician Josh Kelley, also has a 3-year-old adopted daughter Naleigh, originally from South Korea.

Katherine was snapped at Los Angeles International Airport, looking super-stylish and making traveling with a baby look like a breeze.

Cute tot Adalaide was wearing turquoise leggings, a matching checked shirt and white socks.

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Katherine and her husband adopted their first daughter Naleigh when she was 9 months old, so baby Adalaide is their first experience of caring for a newborn.

“I had never had a newborn before. I didn’t really have that experience. So it’s all been new,” Katherine reportedly told PEOPLE back in August.

“I was prepared for the nights and having to get up and all of that,” she said. “But the beauty of it is it’s really only a few months of your life that you’re walking around like a zombie because you haven’t slept.”

“I think it’s far more chaotic that I anticipated,” she said. “And I think every parent probably says that and every parent tries to warm new parents about it. And we all go, ‘Pish posh, it’s going to be fine. What’s one more?’”

Aw, we just love seeing cute snaps of Adalaide!


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