You’d think singing star Katherine Jenkins’ daughter Aaliyah would drift off to sleep each night with ease, what with her mother's famous ability to sing so beautifully.


Or that Aaliyah’s 1st birthday would’ve been celebrated with a pitch-perfect rendition of 'Happy Birthday'.

You’d think… But it seems that’s not the case.

The 36-year-old Welsh singer recently dropped by Good Morning Britain and fessed up to presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan that little Aaliyah isn’t a fan of mum’s singing voice – at all.

In fact, mum's singing makes her cry!

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"She cries when I sing…," Katherine says. "Specifically when I practice my scales."

That awkward moment when you’re a world class opera star but your child cries every time you sing ??

We reckon Katherine's got nothing to worry about, as we’re sure that Aaliyah will grow to love her mum’s distinctive sound as she gets older.

But we have to wonder: if Katherine’s child doesn’t approve of her mum’s round-the-house singing (and don't forget Katherine's sung for the Queen), what hope is there for the rest of us and our kids?

Team MFM are now fully prepared for ours to start wailing next time they hear us singing in the shower.


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Images: Instagram/Katherine Jenkins

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