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The differences between boys and girls: blogger's open letter to new mum Abbey Clancy

"When the sonographer pointed out his boy-parts at our scan, I began to feel a bit nervous. I was so used to sweet little girls..." reveals Katie Ellison

Just days after the lovely news that Abbey Clancy has given birth to her third child (her first boy, named Johnny), a blogger has written an open letter to the celeb, sharing her experience of having 2 daughters followed by a son.


Blogger Katie Ellison, aka Mummy, Daddy And Me Makes Three, started off congratulating Abbey then warning her that she was in for 'a crazy ride'.

As she wrote for The Sun:

"I guessed I was having a boy during the first weeks of my pregnancy. My first two pregnancies were very similar, but from the off with my little boy I felt exhausted, sick and craved burgers.

"When the sonographer pointed out his boy-parts at our scan, and explained there was no mistaking he was a boy (my husband did the whole embarrassing, 'Oh yes, you can tell, he’s just like his dad' (the nurses must get sick of that joke), I began to feel a bit nervous. I was so used to sweet, little girls – would raising a boy be different?"

20 months in, she continued in her lengthy piece for the paper, it definitely seemed so...

"My son didn’t sleep for a good year, while the girls – although they woke up in the night as babies do – generally slept well. It was a shock to the system.

"My girls were also more independent as babies. They used to go to anyone for cuddles, whereas my boy is happiest when he is with his mum.

"When we are at home he follows me everywhere. It’s hard to get much done as, even now, he wants to climb on me/pull my hair/put his hand down my top (much like his Dad) or come into my arms for a squeeze.

"I don’t think I have been to the toilet alone in 20 months because if I leave the room he will follow me. Abbey, you need to get used to peeing with an audience. I thought my girls were affectionate, but he is something else. It’s a special bond."

She goes on talk about how her little boy is a climber, how he 'eats us out of house and home' and loves football - though says her 6-year-old girl is massively into sport too.

The MFM team's a bit low on the ground today (thanks nasty 'flu bug ?) and we only have a mum of 3 boys and a mum of 1 girl in the office.

So, we haven't been able to offer up any of our own insights on the differences between having boys vs girls... but we'd love to hear your thoughts!

What do you think?

If you're a mum of boys and girls - have you found parenting them to be very different? If so, do you think that's a boy vs girl thing, or just that they have different personalities?

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Image: Mummy, Daddy And Me Makes Three

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