Katie Holmes – embarrassed by certain photos of Suri Cruise

Mum Katie explains why Suri Cruise never wears a coat, and reveals she gets embarrassed when her girl refuses to wrap up warm in winter!


Now, we all know Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ 5-year-old daughter Suri Cruise likes to show off her latest fashion purchase,  whether it’s her glittery peep-toe heels or funky welly boots. But mum Katie has revealed that Suri’s head-strong attitude has at times embarrassed her!


Talking about why her little Suri is hardly ever spotted wearing a coat, instead wearing party dresses with bare arms and legs, Katie admits she does try and make her keep warm, but Suri won’t have any of it.

“Recently, Suri and I were taking a walk and a fight got started because it was cold outside and she didn’t want to wear her coat,” Katie told InStyle magazine. “My philosophy is, well, fine, because after a block of walking, you’re going to ask me for your coat. So the pictures of her not wearing a coat is kind of embarrassing. I’m like, ‘Suri, I’ll take a hit. Just put it on when you get cold.'”

We suspect it isn’t the first time Suri’s caused Katie to blush – remember those X-rated gummy sweets Suri was spotted with?

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