Suri Cruise sports high heels at three

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s little lady Suri spotted looking more like a teenager than a toddler

Looking like a girl who has borrowed her mummy’s too-big shoes, the girl with the rumoured £2 million wardrobe, Suri Cruise struggled through the rain storm in her beloved silver high-heels.


Strutting down to the shops in her silver heels, leggings and designer coat, 3-year-old Suri Cruise looked a lot older than her years while in Boston with mum Katie Holmes. But is it too grown up?

Battling the wintery winds and rain, Suri carried on tottering through the streets not letting a bit of bad weather hamper her retail therapy. Joined by her actress mum, who herself was wrapped up warm in a wooly winter coat, the pair continued their trip until the heels and bad weather combo got the better of Suri and she retreated off home.

You can take the girl out of LA but you can’t take the girl out of her shoes…

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Do you think that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are letting Suri grow up too quickly? Or is Suri just a normal 3-year-old demanding to wear her ‘dress ups’ out? Let us know what you think below…


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