You know we love Katie Piper here at MFM HQ.


We’ve talked to her about buggy-buying mistakes, the differences between her 2 baby bumps and even her daughter Belle’s reaction to the new arrival.

Katie also joined us as a special guest judge at the MadeForMums Awards last year ?

But now, if it’s possible, we love her even more… all thanks to this amazing post-baby body shot shared to Instagram.

It seems fans were wondering if she’d already shed her pre-baby weight, after giving birth to her 2nd child, daughter Penelope Diane, just 4 weeks ago.

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Turns out, she hasn’t, and isn’t afraid to embrace the change, either….

“I posted a throw back picture of me yesterday in one of my favourite Floral dresses from @wantthattrend and lots of you commented on what you thought was my post baby body and asked how have I lost so much weight,” she wrote in the caption.

“I wanted to let you know well I haven’t and it was an old picture! “This is me today, healthy, tired but very happy!! I’m not dieting at the moment as I am breastfeeding.

“We are faced with so many images each day on Instagram some good some bad and I want my page to be a profile that is enjoyed by lots of different people from all walks of life in a positive way.

“So, this is me and has been since I gave birth and probably will be for while - elasticated PJ bottoms in the daytime- keeping Belle happy by wearing her favourite Aladdin ones - brill Xmas present from my friend Victoria ?”


We know that everyone loses (or doesn’t lose) their baby weight in their own time. It just seems to slip off some people – such is life – and we certainly wouldn’t judge them for it.

That said, we’re sure there are loads of women out there (including us) who find it really reassuring and comforting to see that’s not the case for everyone.

It’s all the more wonderful to see it from someone like Katie, who is rather petite and quite the fashion icon ?

We're also quite pleased to find out that some celebs embrace the PJs in the first few weeks and months of motherhood, too!

P.S. How gorgeous is Katie’s baby name pick? Penelope Diane Sutton ?

Image: Instagram/Katie Piper

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