This is a pretty normal pregnancy pic, right? Well, aside from the fact it was taken on a red carpet…


The lovely photo was shared to TV presenter/author Katie Piper’s Instagram after the Pride of Britain Awards, and shows her placing a protective hand over her nearly-there (we think about 8-month) baby bump.

But someone online thought the pose was “unflattering” – and went as far to tell Katie to “stop holding her belly”.


We’re more than a little bit confused by that, to be honest. Isn’t it totally and completely natural for our hands to gravitate bumpwards when there’s such precious cargo inside?

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And when, for many of us, our bumps are so in our faces?

Anyway, Katie didn’t let the unnecessary comment slip past her, writing back:

“It doesn't matter if it's flattering or not. It's one of the happiest times in my entire life and I'm celebrating it whilst it lasts and will continue to do so.”

Here, here ??

We say: pose however you wanna pose. Take as many pictures as you want. And when it comes to hugging your bump, Katie, just ignore the naysayers ?

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Images: Instagram/Katie Piper

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