Katie and Richard's birth dates:

Katie Elizabeth Piper, born 12 October 1983
Richard 'Richie' James Sutton, birth date unknown


Katie and Richard's children:

Belle Elizabeth Sutton, born 14 March 2014
Penelope Diane Sutton, born 10 December 2017

How did Katie Piper meet her husband?

Not much is known about the beginning of their relationship.

However, it's thought that TV star Katie and carpenter Richard were friends for several years, and dated for 2 years, before Richard proposed in December 2014.

Katie Piper's wedding

Katie Piper and Richard Sutton got married on 6 November 2015.

Katie hasn't released many details about her wedding, but did share a candid photo from the day on Instagram to mark their 2-year anniversary.

"'It’s mine and my husband's 2nd wedding anniversary today. This picture is my dad saying his last few words to me before he gave me away and I turned to marry Richie," she wrote on Instagram.

Just how stunning does Katie look - and aw, see how Richard's wiping away a tear in the background ?

Katie's 1st pregnancy

Katie was ecstatic to announce her 1st pregnancy in the middle of 2013.

“You've all supported me through bad times so I wanted to share some good news with you. I'm thrilled to say I'm expecting my first child!”

“I just want to shout it from the rooftops. I love children and I’d always hoped I’d be able to have a family. I’m so excited.”

Katie shared with her fans and followers that she feared she wouldn't be able to have children, due to the burns and scarring from an acid attack.

“I’ve always known that I have wanted children," she continued. "But there were moments after what happened to me that I never thought this would happen, I never believed this would be my future. It’s beyond incredible.”

Naturally, everyone was delighted for Katie, who also shared not-so-happily that she'd been having a bit of morning sickness.

At 7 months along, Katie revealed her bump in a photo at the set of Loose Women.

Belle Elizabeth Sutton

On 14 March 2014, Katie gave birth to her and Richard's first child, a girl named Belle Elizabeth.

(Katie's middle name is Elizabeth, just like Belle's. Occasionally, Belle's name is sometimes seen online as Belle Elizabeth Piper.)

She was delighted to give birth, but also admitted in the early days of being a mum, she struggled with the massive change motherhood brings.

She also revealed she was having trouble breastfeeding, despite really, really wanting to.

Later, Katie told MadeForMums all about the shopping mistakes she'd made as a first time mum, and what she'd do differently next time she bought a buggy.

Oh, and if you're wondering why Belle's face is covered, Katie's not keen on showing her kids' faces on social media!

Katie's 2nd pregnancy

When Katie announced pregnany no 2, she admitted it didn't come easy. It took 18 months for her to conceive another child.

She also noticed her pregnancy wasn't the same 2nd time round, noting a big difference in her respective baby bumps. And she wondered: will Belle react to the newborn with jealousy?

The author kept busy during her pregnancy - launching her own maternity dress range for Want That Trend.

Katie kept us all up to date with her bump, too. At 6 months, Katie shared some candid bikini bump pics, ignored (silly) critics who slammed her 8-month bump pose and also shared a bump snap from her baby shower, at 9 months pregnant.

Penelope Diane Sutton

On 10 December 2017, Katie gave birth to another baby girl, who she named Penelope Diane.

(We reckon her middle name comes from Penelope's grandma, Katie's mum, who is named Diane.)

Penelope was born in the stargazer (occiput posterior) position, which typically only happens in around 10% of births.

We have yet to see much of the tot on Katie's Instagram, though she has shared a few gorgeous photos! We especially love this breastfeeding snap, after her struggle with feeding with baby Belle...


Images: Instagram/Katie Piper

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