On 15 December 2017, Katie Piper gave birth to her 2nd child, a baby girl.


And she and husband Richard Sutton announced the news on Instagram, with a gorgeous pic of their newborn resting on Katie's chest.

"We’ve been blessed with the safe arrival of a baby girl. Our family is now complete ???" Katie wrote alongside it ?

Now, it's been revealed Katie's newborn was what's called a 'stargazer baby' - which she discovered after a recent photoshoot.

"We did a photoshoot and [a midwife] was checking my baby for me and she said my baby is what they call ‘a stargazer’," Katie told OK! Online. "That's where it’s lying on its back and its eyes are looking up at the sky.

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"That’s the position it is in my tummy. Apparently its quite rare, they’re not all like that."

We sure do like the term 'stargazer baby' - because it's a lot less clinical than the actual name for this position.

OP (Occiput Posterior) presentation is when your baby's got their back towards your back while in the womb. You might've also heard this called 'sunny side up', too ?

It's certainly not super common, but it's hardly very rare, either. It's thought that 10% of babies are born this way.

Giving birth in the OP position isn't exactly as nice-and-easy as the name 'stargazer baby' suggests, unfortunately.

"Labour tends to take longer if he is in this position because he can’t tuck his chin in very easily," writes the official NCT website. "Therefore, getting through the pelvis is more awkward.

"If a baby is in this position, it often causes backache during labour." Sometimes, OP labour will require a c-section.

(It's not known how 34-year-old Katie gave birth, but back in September she did say she'll likely have to deliver via caesarean, due to scar tissue in her stomach.)

Typically, you can expect babies in the womb to be in the OA (Occiput Anterior) position. This is when they're facing down, with their back towards your tummy.

Lots of babies who aren't initially in this position rotate so they're OA in time for the birth.

Well, we just want to say a HUGE congrats to the gorgeous Katie and her lovely fam on their new arrival ???

We'd also love to know if you had a stargazer baby? Please do share your story on Facebook, or in the comments below.

Image: Instagram/Katie Piper

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