Amanda and Chris' vital stats:

  • Amanda Holden, born 16 February 1971
  • Chris Hughes, DOB unknown

Amanda and Chris' children:

  • Alexa 'Lexi' Louise Florence, born 21 January 2006
  • Theo, born February 2011. Theo was stillborn 7 months into Amanda's pregnancy.
  • Hollie Rose, born 23 January 2012

2005 - 2007

Actress Amanda Holden found out that she was pregnant with her 1st child with her then fiance Chris Hughes in 2005 when she was filming her television series, Wild At Heart, in Africa.

She wanted to keep it a secret - Amanda tried all the tactics to try and conceal her pregnancy news, especially after a producer noticed her boobs had gotten bigger!

"No-one noticed until the editor told the director that my boobs looked bigger in one scene than the other. I suggested it was due to the heat!" Amanda said at the time.

During her pregnancy, Amanda admitted that she had been playing classic musical to try and make her daughter more intelligent! "I played her my favourite, ABBA, but ended up with indigestion," Amanda joked at the time.

She also revealed that she didn't have any pregnancy food cravings, but instead craved the smell of fruit-scented soap!

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Amanda gave birth to a girl named Alexa, at a London hospital on 21 January, by caesarean. Amanda's daughter, who she calls 'Lexi', weighed in at 6lb.

"Lexi is absolutely gorgeous. Amanda and Chris are completely on a high and feeling fantastic," a spokesman for the couple said at the time.

2008 - 2010

In December 2008, Amanda and Chris got married at Babington House, Somerset, where Formula One racing driver David Coulthard was the best man! Amanda was previously married to TV presenter Les Dennis from 1995 until they divorced in 2003.

Amanda was regularly spotted at celebrity events with her little mini-me daughter in tow, and admitted that her little girl isn't a fussy eater - much to her relief!

"Lexi has very grown-up taste in food. She counts cashews, olives and taramsalata among her favorite foods. I really love that Lexi‘s not a fussy eater."


In January 2011, Amanda announced she was pregnant for the 3rd time, after she revealed that she had a miscarriage previously.

Amanda was 6 months pregnant when she announced her baby news, and admitted that the reason she kept her pregnancy quiet is because she suffered a miscarriage the previous year, at 4 months.

"Just to let you know. I am 6 months pregnant with a baby boy!! Have had to keep it quiet until now!" Amanda tweeted at the time.

"Their delight is increased by the fact that last year she tragically lost a baby. As they are sure everyone will understand they needed to get the all clear from the doctor before they shared their very happy news," a spokesperson said.

Amanda revealed that she managed to conceal her growing baby bump with maternity Spanx and cleverly placed handbags! She also revealed that daughter Lexi was delighted by the prospect of being a big sister. "Lexi put her hands on my bump and said: 'Is that true life, Mama?' "She was asking if the baby could see her and when we said he couldn't she suggested feeding him carrots so he could see in the dark!"

Tragically, a month after Amanda made her pregnancy news public, it was announced that she had lost her 3rd baby at seven months. Amanda was checked into the hospital after she felt worried that she hadn't felt her baby move during that day.

Amanda and Chris named their baby boy Theo. Amanda told Good Housekeeping magazine years later that Theo weighed nearly 3lb.

2 weeks after her devastating news, Amanda spoke out for the first time since her loss, with a heartfelt tweet to her Twitter fans. “Chris and I would like to thank you all for the thousands of messages offering support and love during this horrendous time.”

After a few weeks of grieving with her husband and daughter, Amanda got back to work as the judge on Britain's Got Talent and started rehearsals for her role as Princess Fiona, in Shrek The Musical. Amanda requested that all the scenes from the pre-recorded shows of BGT got re-shot, as she didn't want any reminders of her pregnancy when the show aired.

Despite her 2 miscarriage and stillbirth tragedies, she still feels positive about having more children. She said: "I’m a naturally really optimistic girl. Although what’s happened is obviously horrifying, there’s no reason why we don’t have…you know, we can go on and have more children."

"Our future’s bright and you have to turn negatives into positives, and try and see everything as a blessing and that’s exactly what we’ve done."

On 23 August 2011, Amanda announced that 6 months following her heartbreaking stillbirth, she was pregnant again.

Announcing the news on Twitter and then on her official website, Amanda said she was "thrilled and overwhelmed" about being pregnant again and was putting her pregnancy 1st by finishing her stint on Shrek The Musical 8 weeks early.

2012 - 2017

On 23 January 2012, Amanda and Chris welcomed their daughter Hollie Rose Hughes into the world. The couple revealed in a statement that Hollie weighed 6lb 1oz.

Amanda was said to be in critical condition for 3 days after giving birth, after experiencing a huge loss of blood. She said in an interview with The Sun that her heart stopped for 40 seconds.

Fortunately, Amanda made a full recovery. She said of her newborn:

"I fell in love with her immediately. I felt like I'd been given this enormous gift at the end of it all. I held her and just thought, 'we've gone through this together.'"

Lexi and Hollie are pictured above, in 2016, on Amanda's Instagram.

Images: Instagram/Amanda Holden

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